Wind Chimes 7 bells Iron copper heart shape

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Material - copper Iron.

Package - 1 seven bells wind chimes heart shape.

  • Wind chimes to believed to kept at home or office for decoration, bring peace, positivity and happiness to the environment as per Chinese Fengshui.
  • The bell produces pleasing sound which keeps your mind possitive.
  • This Wind chimes is handmade of Iron sheet and copper coated.
  • This handing chimes has 5 bells of same size. Each bell produces different sound gives pleasant sound.
  • Best one to gift for any function like marriage , wedding, birthday, return gift.
  • The Bells and sticks are suspended along with some type of surface which the tbell or rod can strike when another wind-catching surface are blown by the natural movement of air inside and outsid of home.
Wind Chimes 7 bells Iron copper heart shape