Tube Hydroponics Glass Terrarium Water Planter

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Tube Height - 12 cm

Tube outer Dia - 3.5 cm

Stand Height - 15 cm

Stand width - 10.5 cm

Stand Length - 10.5 cm

Color - Black

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  • Magizh Handicraft's Glass Terrarium is made of high quality glass, its so hard and durability. The stand is hand crafted using iron and powder coated to look so rich.
  • This Product is ideal for any indoor water plant. It is a must to have product for all plant lovers. Good to keep as indoor decor, office table top decor and good option to gift your loved ones.
  • The indoor plant keeps your place so possitive and pleasant. Good way to purify room air.
  • Kindly go through the sizes before your purchase and make sure it suits your requirement. Check description for the product sizes.
Tube Hydroponics Glass Terrarium Water Planter