Tiger eye Crystal stone mala 108 beads (8 mm)

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Material - Stone

Unisex - Suitable for men and women

Size - 8mm bead size

Color - Natural Tiger Eye

Perfect for any outfit.

Pack contains - One 8mm tiger eye stone Mala 108 beads

Boost Your Goals with the Tiger Eye Crystal Stone Mala

This amazing mala, made from the eye-catching Tiger Eye crystal, isn't just a pretty piece to wear; it's a powerful helper for making your dreams come true. Known for keeping you grounded, safe, and driven, the Tiger Eye stone is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their big goals. Using the Tiger Eye Mala every day helps you gather the strength to face any challenge with a clear mind and lots of confidence. Its beautiful, earthy colors are not just nice to look at; they also wake up the solar plexus chakra, which is all about boosting your inner power and making sure your energy flows smoothly. Whether you meditate with it, keep it with you as a lucky charm, or wear it to remember your goals, this mala is always there to give you extra courage, strength, and the push to keep going, leading you to success and happiness.

Making Your Inner Strength Shine with the Tiger Eye Crystal Stone Mala

This special mala, made from the powerful Tiger Eye stone, shines bright as a source of strength and self-confidence. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Boosts Confidence:It fills you with courage and belief in yourself, which is super important when you're facing tough times.
  • Keeps You Safe: Works like a protective bubble, keeping bad vibes away so you can stay positive and bright.
  • Keeps You Grounded:Helps you feel connected to the ground under your feet, making sure you stay calm and balanced.
  • Helps You Focus:Makes your mind sharper, helping you make good decisions and set clear goals.
  • Supports Your Spiritual Journey: Helps keep everything in balance, making it easier for you to grow spiritually.

How to Take Care of Your Mala: Keep it clean by washing it under water and let it catch some moonlight to recharge its energy. Spend time meditating with your mala to make sure it's tuned into your personal goals.

Using the Tiger Eye Crystal Stone Mala in your daily life not only helps in your spiritual journey but also supports you in reaching your dreams, emotionally and physically, guiding you to a life full of achievement and joy.

It makes you stong and courageous. It helps boosting your confidence level. This bracelet is formed using good quality elastic and it is free size fits anyone.

Tiger Eye crystal stone helps in healing. This tiger eye crystal mala fits for all outfit and can wear on all days. This Tiger Eye stone mala is made of 8mm beads. Tiger eye mala is good in grounding and bring you good luck.


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Tiger eye Crystal stone mala 108 beads (8 mm)