Spadigam / clear quartz cystal mala (8 mm)

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Material - Natural stone

Stone Type - Clear Quartz Crystal

Bead size - 8mm

Bead count - 108

Purpose - Chanting and wearing


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Bringing Calm to Your Life with the Spadigam Clear Quartz Mala

Dive into the peaceful vibe of the Spadigam Clear Quartz Crystal Mala, more than just something pretty to wear but a way to deeply connect with your spirit. Known as the "master healer," clear quartz is like a magic wand for your mind and feelings, helping you feel more stable and clear-headed. This mala is like a bridge to a more aware state of mind, making meditation better, cleaning your energy, and making your wishes and goals stronger. Its shining beads work well with all your energy centers (chakras), making everything inside you work together nicely. Using this mala every day can change your energy, bringing in peace, calmness, and a clearer way towards growing personally and finding your inner light.

The Spadigam Clear Quartz Mala: Clearing Your Mind and Connecting with Your Spirit

This beautiful Spadigam Clear Quartz Mala is loved for its ability to make your mind clear and boost your spiritual connection. Here's why it's so special:

  • Clear Thinking:Clear Quartz helps you think more clearly, making it easier to focus on what you really want and your big goals.
  • Spiritual Growth:It helps you grow spiritually, making meditation deeper and connecting you more to the spiritual world.
  • Feeling Better Emotionally:It's great for letting go of emotional baggage, bringing in peace and making you feel emotionally good.
  • Boosting Energy: Known as a super healer, it makes the good vibes of other stones and your wishes stronger.
  • Cleaning Your Energy:It's like a spiritual cleaner, making your aura and space around you fresh and clear.

How to Take Care of Your Mala: Keep your mala feeling fresh by letting it catch some moonlight or sunlight. You can also make its energy stronger by meditating with it or setting new goals with it. Cleaning it with sage or palo santo smoke also helps keep it pure and strong.

Adding this mala to your daily routine not only helps you stay calm and focused but also makes your spiritual journey richer, making it a great friend on your path to peace and understanding.

Clear quartz is named for its transparent presence. 

It helps in reduce and balance body heat.

The mala is formed using thread.

It helps in balancing our entire body and helps in stimulating immune systing.


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Spadigam / clear quartz cystal mala (8 mm)