3x4 inches Brass Shiv Lingam SC

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Material - Brass

Finish - Antique

Size - 3 x 4 inches approx

Weight - 335 grams approx

Delivery - 2-6 days

Origin - Made in India

Unleash Spiritual Magnificence with the Enchanting Brass Shiva Lingam

This captivating brass Shiva Lingam serves as a powerful symbol of purity, cosmic totality, and unification of the divine. It is meticulously crafted to inspire awe and elevate spiritual practices, drawing upon the ancient energies of Lord Shiva. Placing this sacred object in your space invites profound peace, facilitates meditation, and connects you to the vibrational essence of creation itself, fostering an environment where spiritual growth and enlightenment can flourish

Amplify Your Meditation Experience with the Power of the Brass Shiva Lingam

Elevate your spiritual practice with this sacred brass idol, renowned for its ability to deepen meditation and enhance spiritual clarity. Its presence

  • Creates a focal point for concentration and mindfulness.
  • Infuses surroundings with tranquillity and positive energy.
  • Aids in aligning chakras and enhancing spiritual awakening.
  • Serves as a physical representation of divine energy, facilitating a deeper connection to the universe.
  • Acts as a powerful tool for purification, dispelling negativity and fostering an environment conducive to inner peace.

All our brass idols are made using premium quality and super fine finish.100% handcrafted by our artisians and black finish is to give antique look.Best Size for gifting, home pooja room and study table. We have given black color on the idol to give very good attraction to the idol. id="LHWWN9X"> Shiva lingam Statue comes in various size and designs.  Shiv lingam is most common representation of Lord Shiva and is used by Hindus, mainly during shivrathiri and Pradosham.We are one of the best and leading brass Statue online and offline store in India.

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3x4 inches Brass Shiv Lingam SC