Original karungali mala with Original silver - 6mm

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Material - Original Karungali wood/ Original silver

Beeds - 54 beeds

Quantity - 1

Bead Size - 6mm

Length- 11.5 inches approx

Usage - Can be worn by both Men and women, can be used for meditation.

Country of origin - India

Delivery - 3-6 days

Note- please choose the right size/product as we cannot exchange mala once sent.

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Discover the Power of Ebony Mala: How It Helps and How to Use It

The Ebony Mala is a powerful item that brings positive vibes and keeps away the bad ones. It's made from the wood of the ebony tree and is sometimes put together with copper wire or cotton thread. People love it for its spiritual and mental health benefits. It can make you feel more energetic, less stressed, braver, and help you speak more clearly, which is great for work. It's also linked to Lord Mars and can help solve problems related to Mars, like issues in marriage. Anyone can wear it all the time, just like a special piece of jewelry. Just remember, don’t wear it when you're using strong chemicals, eating meat, or at sad events to keep it working well.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ebony Mala

Learn about the great spiritual and physical benefits of wearing an Ebony Mala. This special necklace is tied to old traditions and offers many good things to those who wear it, like clearer thinking and more positive energy. Find out the best way to use it and how to keep its power strong.

Special Features of the Ebony Mala:

  • The Ebony Mala is known for holding and sharing cosmic energy, helping you connect with good forces and stay safe from negative ones.


  • Wearing an Ebony Mala can make you feel more alive, less scared or anxious, more brave, and better at talking with others.
  • It’s really good for fixing problems related to Mars and marriage issues.

How to Take Care of It:

  • To keep your Ebony Mala powerful and pure, clean it with milk and water at first.
  • You shouldn't wear it when dealing with chemicals, eating meat, or going to funerals.
  • If your mala has metal wires, you can wear it while sleeping to keep feeling its good effects.

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Original karungali mala with Original silver - 6mm