Original Karungali / Ebony wood stick 6 inches without copper cup

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Material - Karungali kattai / Ebony Wood

Color - Black

Quantity - 1

Size - 6 inches

Pack Contains - One Karungali stick with copper cups at ends(somme times stick comes without copper cup, subject to availability) 

Country of origin - India

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Karungali is called as Ebony in English. Ebony is a type of wood from Ebony tree. It also acts as an antidote for chronic ailments. This tree contains more health benefits and it increases by its growth. We can also soak this wood in bathing water and take bath from that water gives cures from skin diseases.

Ebony belongs to an ancient type of wood. The middle part of the tree that has lived for many years is very powerful and dark. Swami idols, accessories, household utensils are made according to our need by cutting the dark middle like that.

This product is made of pure ebony wood. Karungali tree is known as spritual tree among hindus. 

All our Karungali products for handcrafted using original karungali wood.

Karungali Wood Benefits

  • Lucky Charm to Attract Money
  • To Enhance Meditation
  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Infinite Positive Energy
  • Proven to cure skin diseases
  • Proven to cure mental illness
  • Protects from Black magic
  • Cleans our Aura
  • Gives Relaxation to our mind and body
  • Gives good positive vibration
Original Karungali / Ebony wood stick 6 inches without copper cup