Original Karungali / Ebony wood marapachi bommai doll 6 inches

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Material - Wood

Wood type - Karungali / Ebony wood

Size - 6 inches height

Pack contains - One pair marapachi dolls


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This marapachi doll is hand crafted using 100% original karungali wood.


Brillant Craftsmanship of Marapachi Bommai made from Karungali Kattai

5 Benefits of Giving Marapachi Bommai to kids made from Karungali Kattai

  • Fostering creativity and imagination
  • Connecting children with their cultural roots
  • Encouraging storytelling and communication skills
  • Providing a safe and natural play option
  • Serving as heirlooms that can be passed down through generations
  • Enriching familial bonds and preserving heritage

Discover the Brilliant Craftsmanship of Marapachi Bommai Made from Karungali Kattai, a testament to the exquisite artistry and cultural heritage of traditional Indian toys. These dolls, carved from the dense and durable Karungali wood, are not only beautiful but also carry deep spiritual and educational significance.

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Original Karungali / Ebony wood marapachi bommai doll 6 inches