Original Karungali / Ebony wood Lord shiva lingam and nandhi

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Material - Karungali kattai / Ebony Wood

Color - Black

Quantity - 1 set

Size - 2.5 inches

Pack Contains - One Karungali lingam and nandhi idol

Country of origin - India

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Connect with the Divine Using Karungali Ebony Shiva Lingam

Embrace the opportunity for spiritual enrichment with this revered Karungali wood piece. Its presence in your environment is designed to enhance meditation practices, create a serene ambiance, and facilitate a deeper understanding of one's inner self and the universe, offering a pathway to divine connection and enlightenment.

How Shiva Lingam and Nandhi Promote Peace and Prosperity

The sacred duo of Shiva Lingam and Nandhi serves as a powerful symbol of stability, fertility, and abundance. Their presence in your space is believed to foster an environment of tranquility, spiritual growth, and material wealth, aligning life with divine blessings.

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Original Karungali / Ebony wood Lord shiva lingam and nandhi