Original Karungali / Ebony Wood bead pendant 20mm

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Material - Karungali

Size - 20mm bead

Color - Black and White

Pack contains - One 20mm karungali pendant

Can use this pendant in any chian, rope or mala.

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Karungali is called as Ebony in English. This product is made of pure ebony wood. Karungali tree is known as spritual tree amoung hindus. 

This original karungali is handcrafted with love and care. You can wear this pendant in any chain or rope. 

They are made of original karungali wood.

Karungali Wood Benefits

  • Lucky Charm to Attract Money
  • To Enhance Meditation
  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Infinite Positive Energy
  • Proven to cure skin diseases
  • Proven to cure mental illness
  • Protects from Black magic
  • Cleans our Aura
  • Gives Relaxation to our mind and body
  • Gives good positive vibration
  • Atracts your Kuladeivam
Original Karungali / Ebony Wood bead pendant 20mm