Original karungali Copper mala without capping-8mm

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Material - Original Karungali wood with original copper wire(without capping)

Beeds - 54 beeds

Quantity - 1

Bead Size - 8 mm

Length- 14 inches approx

Usage - Can be worn by both Men and women, can be used for meditation.

Country of origin - India

Delivery - 3-6 days

Note: Please choose the right size/product as we cannot exchange mala once sent.

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Karungali is called as Ebony in English. This product is made of pure ebony wood. Karungali tree is known as spritual tree amoung hindus.

This original karungali malai is best use for chanting mantras. This mala contains 54 beeds.

8 mm beads mala is suitable for both male and female. 

All our Karungali products for handcrafted using original karungali wood.

Original Karungali Copper Mala - 8mm, Uniquely Uncapped

Discover Unparalleled Tranquility Bead by Bead

Original Karungali Copper Mala, boasting delicate 8mm beads and a distinctive uncapped design. Crafted without capping, each bead allows an unfiltered connection to the grounding energy of Karungali wood and the warmth of copper. The absence of caps enhances the natural touch and feel, providing a unique sensory experience. Immerse yourself in the genuine authenticity of this meticulously crafted mala, where each bead becomes a pathway to mindfulness and tranquility. Uncover the serene synergy of Original Karungali and Copper, forging a harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship in this remarkable 8mm Uncapped Mala.

Karungali Wood Benefits

Lucky Charm to Attract Money
To Enhance Meditation
Improves Blood circulation
Infinite Positive Energy
Proven to cure skin diseases
Proven to cure mental illness
Protects from Black magic
Cleans our Aura
Gives Relaxation to our mind and body
Gives good positive vibration
Atracts your Kuladeivam

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Original karungali Copper mala without capping-8mm