6mm karungali malai with copper cup - 6mm

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Material - Karungali kattai / Ebony Wood and pure copper

Beeds - 54 beeds

Quantity - 1

Size - 6mm beads

Usage - Can be worn by both Men and women, can be used for meditation.

Country of origin - India


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Karungali Malai Meets Copper: A Symphony of Tradition and Craftsmanship

Karungali Malai meets Copper, blending tradition and craftsmanship for timeless elegance and spiritual significance. This unique creation marries Karungali wood's deep beauty with copper's warmth, offering unparalleled aesthetics and energy. Each piece fosters a divine connection, enhances meditation, and purifies living spaces. Ideal for those valuing tradition with a modern touch, this ensemble promises beauty and tranquility. Discover the Spiritual Harmony of Karugali Malai Enhanced with Copper, a focal point in any setting

Unveiling the Spiritual Harmony of Karugali Malai Enhanced with Copper

Karungali is called as Ebony in English. This product is made of pure ebony wood. Karungali tree is known as spritual tree amoung hindus.This original karungali malai is best use for chanting mantras. This contains 54 beeds for chanting. All our Karungali products for handcrafted using original karungali wood.Copper is best metal to wear and got many health benefit.Karungali Wood Benefits

  • Lucky Charm to Attract Money
  • To Enhance Meditation
  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Infinite Positive Energy
  • Proven to cure skin diseases
  • Proven to cure mental illness
  • Protects from Black magic
  • Cleans our Aura
  • Gives Relaxation to our mind and body
  • Gives good positive vibration

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6mm karungali malai with copper cup - 6mm