Original karungali mala 4mm

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Material - Karungali kattai / Ebony Wood

Beeds - 150 beads approx(No exact count for this mala)

Quantity - 1

Size - 4mm

Length -12 inches approx

Usage - Can be worn by both Men and women, can be used for meditation.

Delivery-3-6 days

Country of origin - India


Note-please order right size/product of mala as we cannot exchange once sent.

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Embrace Divine Protection: The Ebony Charm of the Karungali Mala:

The Karungali Mala, made from ebony wood, is a powerful tool for protection and spiritual connection. It's known for keeping away bad vibes and helping you connect with divine energy. The dark beads soak up negativity, creating a peaceful and positive atmosphere. The ebony charm boosts your inner strength and helps you grow spiritually. It's great for meditation, prayer, and staying mindful every day. This mala isn't just for show; it's a symbol of strength and grace that will last for years.

Bringing Peace into Your Life: Benefits of the Ebony Charm

he Karungali Mala, with its ebony charm, offers many benefits for your daily life:

  • Brings Peace: Its calming energy helps you relax and reduces stress.
  • Protects You: The ebony charm acts as a shield against bad vibes.
  • Helps with Meditation: Makes it easier to focus and connect with divine energy during meditation.
  • Lasts Long: Ebony wood is strong and durable, so this mala will stay with you for a long time.
  • Connects You to the Divine: Using it in rituals and prayers strengthens your spiritual connection.

Taking Care of Your Mala:

  • Clean it regularly by putting it in the sunlight or moonlight to recharge it.
  • Keep it dry to preserve the wood.
  • Use natural oils like sandalwood or camphor to keep it shiny and protected.
  • Having this special mala in your daily routine not only helps your spiritual practice but also fills your life with peace and protection.
  • கருங்காலி மாலை
  • எபோனி மென்மை
  • கடவுளின் பாதுகாப்பு

Karungali is called as Ebony in English. This product is made of pure ebony wood. Karungali tree is known as spritual tree amoung hindus.

This original karungali malai is best use for chanting mantras. This contains approx 150 beeds.


4 mm beads mala is suitable for both male and female. Due to small size beads it is not formed with 108 beads. This mala contains approx 150 beads.

All our Karungali products for handcrafted using original karungali wood.

Karungali Wood Benefits

Lucky Charm to Attract Money
To Enhance Meditation
Improves Blood circulation
Infinite Positive Energy
Proven to cure skin diseases
Proven to cure mental illness
Protects from Black magic
Cleans our Aura
Gives Relaxation to our mind and body
Gives good positive vibration
Atracts your Kuladeivam

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Original karungali mala 4mm