Brass Tibetan / healing / stress relief music instrument Singing / healing / om / meditation/ Bowl Set - 4.5" dia

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Meterial - Brass and Bronze

Size - 4.5" dia

Height - 2.5"

Stick length - 7"

Color- Black and Gold.

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Product benefits: 

Singing bowls are one of the ancient Tibetan meditation tools which are widely used throughout Asia, especially Nepal, Japan, and China.

For centuries, these singing bowls are used for religious practices, meditation, and healing purposes. 

Now, westerners are also adopting this musical instrument into their daily lives. 

The vibration generated from this singing bowl is high and the believer would put palms on both sides of this bowl for touch healing.

Best product for Health care: 

Tibetan singing bowl can be used in the home for meditation, during yoga classes, and for all kinds of natural healing practices.

It helps to reduce stress, better for human health, well-being, and creates a deep sense of peace.

Health care professionals like psychotherapists, massage therapists, musicians, and spiritual teachers can use this Tibetan singing bowl. 

Decorative Item: 

Tibetan singing bowl is made with black and gold color give the product an elegant and Royal look. 

General-purpose of this product is for meditation and healing, but it acts as a decorative item when the product is not in use. 


How to play: 

Lightly strike the bowl on the mid-exterior wall and ‘warm-up’ the bowl. 

Continue doing this for a while until the vibrations disappear, immediately position the mallet vertically near the rim of the bowl and begin circling the rim in a clockwise motion. 

It is vital to start circling the rim immediately after you contact it to start the singing. 

If you place the mallet against the rim without moving it, the initial sound from striking will be dampened, this will make you feel difficulty to make the bowl sing.  



Tibetan singing bowl is the best piece of gift for your loved ones as this is the best decoration item and best healing product. 

Gift this Tibetan singing bowl during the season of Diwali, Christmas, and Thanksgiving days especially to the believers of Buddhism.

Product specialty: 

The product is completely hand-painted by a skilled artisan. 

The rim is painted solid gold, and the other parts of the bowl are decorated with Tibetan characters and decorative patterning in matching gold color.

This product is made with the combination of brass and bronze which aids in the increase of durability and these products are an antique product with no embellishments.

The size of this product is 4.5 inches dia, the product is also available in different sizes. 

Brass Tibetan / healing / stress relief music instrument Singing / healing / om / meditation/ Bowl Set - 4.5" dia