Indoor game Brass Pachisi Chaupar Pachikalu Pasa Dayakattai - 8mm for dice games

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Pack contains - 2 pieces of Dayakattai.

Metal - Brass.

Length - 6 CM.

Thickness - 8 MM square.

Delivery - 2-5 days.

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Product is made with Smooth finish including the corner preventing your hands from getting damaged.

Pleasant sound:

The mild sound of this dayam is pleasant to hear and make you enjoy the game without any stress.

The pleasant sound makes you play the game again without any anxiety. The brass dhayam sound hella you cool down from your depression. That's why Brass Dayam is so special than any other metal.

Best game:

One of the Ancient games which are best for you and your kids because it brings people close to you and develops a sense of well-being. Dhayam is the traditional game of India, played widely in southern part of India. 

Katte Mane in Kannada, Pakidakal or Kavidi Kali in Malayalam, Ashta Chamma in Telugu, Daayam or Thaayam in Tamil, and Kanna Duaa in Hindi.

A very few games like things will build a relationship and helping you to get more friends.

Once you bought this Dayam and prepared to spend the time you will never be bored again.

The story behind the game: 

This game will help you to analyze the possible steps you can take and the moves that your opponents might take.

Making you understand that you must plan according to your strength and weakness and do things after analyzing yours and your competitors' possible moves.

How to play:

Roll the dice at your turn, if it is 1,5,6 or 12 then you will get one more turn to roll the dice.

2-4 people can play, and the turns will come either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Benefits of playing in Brass Dayam:

  • The antimicrobial property of Brass will kill microorganisms or stops their growth.
  • Brass is a soft metal that helps to keep your hands smooth.
  • Rubbing the Dayam will improve blood circulation.
Indoor game Brass Pachisi Chaupar Pachikalu Pasa Dayakattai - 8mm for dice games