Brass Sai Baba lord idol for pooja room and car dashboard 2 1/2 inches

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Material - Brass

Height - 2 inches

Pack contains - One  Sai baba

Make - Made in India.

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Bringing Peace and Smarts with a Special Sai Baba Idol

This special Sai Baba idol made of brass isn't just for looking at; it brings calm and smart thoughts to wherever you put it. Having it in your prayer space or living room fills the air with calm vibes and smart lessons from Sai Baba. It helps make a peaceful spot to think and remember to be kind, loving, and understanding, helping you live a calm and smart life.

The Brass Sai Baba Idol: A Way to Feel Calm, Devoted, and Lucky

This brass Sai Baba idol helps bring good feelings and luck into your home, especially where you pray. It makes the place feel more spiritual and peaceful. It's also thought to bring good luck, reminding us every day about being patient and having faith, leading to a life full of peace and good things.

This brass idol is handcrafted by our artisans with love and care.This lord sai baba brass idol is best for gifting, pooja room, office table and so on.

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Brass Sai Baba lord idol for pooja room and car dashboard 2 1/2 inches