Brass Lord Ayyapan With frame 5 inches

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Material - Brass

Height - 5 inches

Finish - Yellow Black Antique

Weight - 480 grams approx


The Brass Lord Ayyappan: Bringing Harmony and Righteousness Home

The Brass Lord Ayyappan idol is more than just a beautiful decoration. It's like a shining light of goodness, bringing the teachings of being right and united into your home. This special statue isn't just to look at—it's a powerful friend that makes your home feel calm and filled with good vibes. It reminds us every day to be our best selves, following Lord Ayyappan's wise words on living together in peace, being disciplined, and finding out who we truly are. The way this idol is made, with so much care and detail, makes it stand out, turning any room it's in into a special place for quiet thoughts or prayer. Having this idol in your home is like opening the door to a peaceful world, where living the right way and in harmony is what matters most.

The Brass Lord Ayyappan: A Symbol of Strength and Peace for Every Room

The Brass Lord Ayyappan isn't just any statue. It's a deep symbol of being strong, staying true to what's right, and feeling peaceful. Made with care from brass, this figure has many important roles:

  • Spiritual Anchor: It keeps us connected to Lord Ayyappan's important lessons on being strong, honest, and following our moral compass.
  • Source of Calm: This idol helps make any place feel more peaceful, perfect for times of meditation or just being mindful.
  • Protector: It's believed to keep away bad things and safeguard your home.
  • Unity Symbol: It shows the coming together of godly male and female energies, bringing balance and harmony to your family.
  • Beauty Boost: Besides all these deep meanings, it also makes any space look more elegant and spiritually rich, especially where you pray or any part of your home it's in.

By adding the Brass Lord Ayyappan to your place, you're not just making it look better. You're inviting in all sorts of good energy and blessings, creating the perfect setting for growing personally and finding peace.

Lord Ayyappan idols is made of high quality brass.

Black finish gives make the carving more visible. 

It is 100% handcrafted statue. Artisans take good care to make all our idols.

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Brass Lord Ayyapan With frame 5 inches