Brass Kubera Lakshmi for good luck pooja room

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Material - Brass

Finish - Brass and Antique

Height - 2 inches

origin - India

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Bring Wealth and Peace Home with a Shiny Brass Kubera Lakshmi Idol

This shiny brass idol of Kubera Lakshmi isn't just for show. It's like a magnet for money and calmness. Made with care, it has the magic to pull in cash and peace, making your prayer room feel special. When you have Kubera and Lakshmi by your side, you're in for a treat with both money and a peaceful spirit, giving you everything you need for a happy life.

Make Your Home a Place of Riches and Peace with the Brass Kubera Lakshmi Statue

  • Brings in Money: Having Kubera Lakshmi in your home is like opening your doors wide to let in wealth and good times.
  • Boosts Spiritual Vibes: It makes the spiritual feel of your prayer space better, helping you feel closer to the heavenly powers.
  • Spreads Peace and Togetherness: This statue helps everyone at home feel more chilled out and together, making your place a peaceful haven.
  • A Sign of Luck: It's known for bringing in luck, so it's perfect for anyone wanting a little extra good fortune.
  • Beauty and Tradition: It makes your home look prettier while celebrating the stories and traditions from Hindu culture.
  • Enhances Focus and Clarity: The presence of Kubera Lakshmi can help clear your mind, making it easier to focus on your goals and dreams.
  • Encourages Positive Energy: It's believed to ward off negative vibes, filling your home with positivity and good energy.

All our brass idols are made using high quality brass,All are 100 % hand crafted by specialist artisians,Lord Kuberar statue is good to keep at business place and home pooja room,He is known for his wealth and believed to keep him and worship him for money freedom and good wealth. 

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Brass Kubera Lakshmi for good luck pooja room