Amethyst Crystal stone mala 108 beads (8 mm )

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Material - Crystal stone

Size - Free size for adults

Bead size - 8 mm

Color - Purple

Delivery - 2 -6 days

Gender - Unisex

Bead count - 108 beads

Exploring the Magic of the Amethyst Crystal Stone Mala

The Amethyst Crystal Stone Mala is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. It's a powerful helper for feeling better inside and finding peace. Amethyst is known for making the mind calm and keeping away bad thoughts like stress and worry. This makes the mala a great friend during meditation and when trying to be more mindful, helping you feel more connected and peaceful inside. The beautiful deep purple color of the beads is also thought to help with intuition and clear thinking by touching the Third Eye Chakra. Using or wearing this mala can start you on a path of learning more about yourself, finding balance, and changing for the better. It connects you to a higher way of thinking and brings peace to your life.


Finding Calm and Getting Rid of Stress with the Amethyst Crystal Stone Mala

This mala, made from the calming Amethyst crystal, is really good at taking away stress and making you feel deeply relaxed. Its special qualities include:

  • Calming Effect: Amethyst is famous for its power to make the mind quiet and smooth out feelings, perfect for meditation and handling stress well.
  • Better Sleep: Keeping this mala close by at night can lead to a good night's sleep and help if you find it hard to fall asleep.
  • Feeling Balanced: Using this crystal mala often can help keep your emotions steady and melt away worry, making you feel more balanced inside.
  • Spiritual Connection: Amethyst helps clear up spiritual thoughts and strengthens intuition, linking you with higher ways of understanding.
  • Energy Shield: It works like a shield against bad vibes and stress, keeping you protected.

Adding the Amethyst Crystal Stone Mala to your daily life can really make you feel better overall, becoming a very important part of your journey to peace, balance, and growing spiritually.


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Amethyst Crystal stone mala 108 beads (8 mm )