All in one crystal bracelet Love Money 7 chakras weight loss

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No artificial color

100 % natural stones

Size - Free size  (elastic)

Bead size - 8mm

Purpose - All in one.

Make - Made in India.

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Purpose - 

Money Magnet -

Lava stone bracelet is good in balancing energy.

Lava stone bracelet is good in grounding and give you good protection.

This bracelet helps to attract money based on the stone used in it. Pyrite stone is used in this bracelet which helps to attract money.

Citrine stone helps in boosts vitality. Green aventurine stone of opportunities.


7 Chakra -

We have used 7 chakra stones.. 

Turquoise - Throat Chakra

Amethyst - Crown Chakra

Sodalite - Third eye chakra

Citrine - Solar plexus chakra

Tiger eye stone - Root Chakra

GreenAventurine - Heart Chakra

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra


Love Potion - 

Best bracelet to attract love. 

Rose Quartz - helps to Promote self love and to build self trust.

Rhodochrosite - This beautiful stone is called as universal love. Helps to solve emotional blockages. 

Rhodonite - Invokes compassion. Balances emotions. 

Lava stone - is best for grounding and protecting stone. 


Weight Loss - 

We have used Blue Apatite, Sunstones, Lava Stones, Sodalite stones in this bracelet.

Combination of these stones helps to feel more energetic to do workouts more powerful and helps balance metabolism.

Sunstones - Turn out lethargy and makes one feel fresh and more enegetic.

Sodalite - Strengthens bones and muscles. 

Blue Apatite - Balances Metabolism and solves stomach issues.

Lava Stone - Best for strong grounding and protecting stone from evil eye.<br>

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All in one crystal bracelet Love Money 7 chakras weight loss