4mm beads 7 chakras anklet with Black tourmaline

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Material - Crystal Stone

Unisex - Suitable for women

Size - 4mm bead size

Color - 7 chakras

Stone - 7 chakras and black tourmaline.

Pack contains - One 7 chakras anklet. 

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This bracelet is formed using  good quality elastic, the elastic lasts for long. 

We have used 7 chakra stones and natural lava stone. 

Stone used :

Turquoise - Throat Chakra

Amethyst - Crown Chakra

Sodalite - Third eye chakra

Citrine - Solar plexus chakra

Tiger eye stone - Root Chakra

GreenAventurine - Heart Chakra

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra


Best one to protect you from negative energy.

Keeps you positive.

Helps to keep your 7 chakras healthy and active. 

All these stones are formed using black tourmaline beeds. 

4mm beads 7 chakras anklet with Black tourmaline